Thick Pile Bomber - Helicopter - Tank War Rug
This rich blue rug features gold and green bombers and tanks-- the bombers are flying 'down' the rug. Flowers and small plant-like shapes fill the negative space. Bombers also compose the border of the rug, all facing downwards.

Light Blue Bomber - Helicopter - Tank Rug
This is an early ""Bomber Copter Tank"" rug. Please note the beautiful abrash. The variations in blue make the designs ""pop out"" or float above ground. Good colors. Simply, this is a really nice rug.
Border consists of planes alternating with trucks and checkered grenades.

Baluchi Runner War Rug (Pair 2/2)
Paired with 1310
This earthy rug features rows of helicopters, tanks, and branches of flowers. The border is made up of rows of flowers and connected geometric shapes. Branches with flowers line the outside of the field.

Baluchi Runner War Rug P (Pair 1/2)
One of a pair (1311), this earthy rug features rows of helicopters, tanks, and branches of flowers. The border is made up of rows of flowers and connected geometric shapes.
Has a .5in hole where three warps are broken and a small number of knots are missing (10-12).

Classic Bomber Copter War Rug
This is an exemplary example of rugs that sold before warrug.com existed. The pile was thick and dusty. The blue a particular indigo. The teriary motifs are charming, and nicely drawn.

Bomber, Helicopter, Tank War Rug with Two Non-Weapon Border
The condition of this somewhat older rug is excellent. Gauging the age of this rug is difficult. On the one hand the condition is very good and the back is not very burnished (older rugs get shiny on the back, and extraneous fuzz from the pile wool gets worn off). On the other hand the pile shows some wear, but still is full pile, and the sheen is very developed and warm. Also the bottom fringe looks like it has been reduced, where some of the kilim was damaged and the wefts removed.
This style of rug was plentiful about 5 years ago, but the structure was different than this rug. The pile was very thick an pointed straight up, the wool was dry and the rugs were noticeably dusty. This rug has thin pile that lays more flat than straight up and down, and it is not dusty at all. The rugs five years ago were new production.
This design is one that people to not recognize immediately as a war rug. At the flea market people would look at them for a minute, then say, ""Oh my! Those are tanks!""
The colors are classic Baluch from western Afghanistan, dark with a touch of white for accent and the dominant color is dark blue.

12 tanks with 3 vertical vines
This simple war rug appears to be a beginners work. The knots are very uneven and there are several design glitches. An example is the vertical vine motif. There is a wide range of warp depression, which indicates someone with limited technical experience. The rug is charming in its simplicity. The design is reminiscent of a ""Two Ewer"" rug, without the ewers. The Farsi writing on the side of the tanks, usually reads ""tank tank"" but this example is beyond illegible. There is edge roll on the left corners. This happens when the weft are pulled too tight and corners roll under. This example is not serious.
The color is pleasing. It is muted and harmonious.

Short Pile Bomber/Copter/Tank
This war rug is in excellent condition.
This pattern was common in war rugs from1997-98, but the wool, structure, and color were all slightly different. The earlier rugs have long, thick pile made from dry and very dusty wool. They also had longish, natural colored plain weave ends with long, brown fringe. This new war rug keeps the wonderful pattern, but little else. This rug has short pile made from soft and lustrous wool which is nicely oxidized and has a very lovely sheen. The colors in this one are more muted with sienna and olive green and a field that is a cooler color blue than the older rugs. Simply put, this is an excellent war rug.

Bomber Border with MiGs
Rug has wear appropriate for it's age. Pile is 3mm long in worn areas which are mostly in middle of rug. One can see light one knot spots on rug which are where warp or weft strings tied. The light blue seen in the MiG at center is faded more than other colors from cobalt blue to soft cerulean. Fringe excellent. The bright reds and blues are very exciting.
An interesting colorful mosaic of weapons, jets, helicopters, grenades, and other war motifs. Border is very similar to the imagery in the field, but separated by a brown guard stripe.
The design of the fighter jets in the center is unusual and unique for this rug. The way that the trucks are stacked in the border is also unusual. The rectangular shapes in the helicopters is very realistic. This all suggests that this is an early rug.

Bomber War Runner (Light Border)
This rug is one of a pair. The differ primarily in their border designs. Both rugs feature two shades of blue, two shades of sienna, two reds and white.
The top 30 inches of this rug has a dark blue field color.
This rug features a secondary design element that is not seen in its companion. Running down the middle are small burgundy armored personnel carriers. Nice touch.
Both of these rugs are very attractive. The design is dense so the war motifs do not immediately jump out. Also, the kilim ends and fringe are particularly attractive. Condition is perfect.
Rugs are traditionally made in pairs. It is highly unusual to have both available simultaneously.

Bomber War Runner (Gul Border)
This rug is one of a pair. The differ primarily in their border designs. Both rugs feature two shades of blue, two shades of sienna, two reds and white.
This rug represents the ""Bomber/Tank/Chopper"" motif. These were quite common a couple of year ago, but never in the runner format. When I sold these at the flea market, people inevitably stared for a minute then said, ""OH my gosh! Those are helicopters! Are not they?""
The field is deep ultramarine, which makes the cobalt blue pop out where it is used on helicopters, bombers and details.
The combination of the grid layout of the armaments juxtaposed to the more fanciful motifs of combs, plants, and flowers in vases is very nice. In the center, lengthwise, of this rug the floral motifs turn to a crimson color for one foot. Some of the burgundy has very mildly bled, which is hard to notice except from the back.
The pattern is very attractive. Contrasts are set up by white on the dark field. Each part of the pattern employs the white differently, creating a the attractive contrast. The outermost border is a light, detailed and linear motif. The main border features white hooked medallions. The field is dominated by the irregular shapes of the weapons (large) and the floral motifs (small).
It would be nice to keep these two rugs together, so if you have an interest in both, we can give a bulk discount.

Jet / Bomber Small Afghan War Rug
Good example of a nice pattern.

Abrash War Afghan War Rug
The beautiful abrash is what makes this rug special. Not an unusual design but coloration is very special. The colors in the motifs remain consistent, however the abrash in the field contrasts with each differently, giving this carpet great depth.

Large Bomber Afghanistan War Rug
Like New.