War Carpets with Obvious Weapons

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Rare, Early, Bomber Border with MiGs
<br>Price on Request Afghan Rug
Rare, Early, Bomber Border with MiGs
Price on Request

Rug has wear appropriate for it's age. Pile is 3mm long in worn areas which are mostly in middle of rug. One can see light one knot spots on rug which are where warp or weft strings tied. The light blue seen in the MiG at center is faded more than other colors from cobalt blue to soft cerulean. Fringe excellent. The bright reds and blues are very exciting.
An interesting colorful mosaic of weapons, jets, helicopters, grenades, and other war motifs. Border is very similar to the imagery in the field, but separated by a brown guard stripe.
The design of the fighter jets in the center is unusual and unique for this rug. The way that the trucks are stacked in the border is also unusual. The rectangular shapes in the helicopters is very realistic. This all suggests that this is an early rug.
ID: 71


41 x 82 inches
104 x 208 cm
15 Tank War Rug  Afghan Rug
15 Tank War Rug
This rug features rows of 15 multicolored tanks with small rifles, and small plant motifs between them. The three tanks at the top of the rug are partially cut off and only show the bottoms of the tracks. There are some really nice colors in this rug including some bright greens, electric bues, and reds.
Similar diagonally shaped multicolored border design to this fine rug.
ID: 794


34 x 48 inches
87 x 122 cm
Rows of Weapons War Rug with Afghan Rug
Rows of Weapons War Rug with
Most recent, and best, photos are at the bottom of the page

Rows of bright green, red, and brown tanks, jets, and rifles run through this rug creating an interesting geometric pattern on a rich blue background. Super shiny and soft, the wool is very high quality.
ID: 915


42 x 80 inches
107 x 203 cm
Progenitor Baghlani War Rug with Autumnal Color<br> Exhibited<br> Price on Request Afghan Rug
Progenitor Baghlani War Rug with Autumnal Color
Price on Request

This is the most unusual Baghlani rug. It has the design and proportions of a Baghlani rug, but the structure is unique. The structure is more similar to an Iranian Turkmen rug than most of the Baghlani rugs which have more typical Baluchi standards.
The colors are most limited but beautiful palette: rust, rust tan, tan, brown grey, blue and black. The rust, tan, and brown green are undyed wool. The background color is a very deep indigo. Also there are touches of a lighter blue (albeit still very dark) in some of the machine guns which make a very nice accent.
The rug has some areas of low pile on the bottom fifth, and particularly the lower left corner. Please, see photos.
ID: 985


36 x 72 inches
92 x 183 cm
Museum Exhibited <br> Excellent Quality and Drawing Ewer War Rug.<br>Price on request
 Afghan Rug
Museum Exhibited
Excellent Quality and Drawing Ewer War Rug.
Price on request

This blue two-ewer war rug uses bright whites and rich oranges and middle blues to contrast against the dark field. Six tanks with text inside flank a line of five figures running down the center of the rug. The tables on which the ewers sit also includes text.
The border consists of rows of tanks on a white background.
ID: 1018


48 x 74 inches
122 x 188 cm
Old Baghlani War Rug with Three Small Borders Afghan Rug
Old Baghlani War Rug with Three Small Borders
Baghlani rugs, Turkmen rugs from north eastern Afghanistan originated in the late 1980's and were woven through the mid 1990's. Generally, Baghlani rugs are long and narrow, so this rugs squarish proportions are unusual.

The colors in this rug are very rich and uniform. Rows of maroon, orange, and tan jets and tanks run down the rug, filled in with smaller motifs such as rifles and flowers. The border is made up of multiple geometric guard stripes. This color scheme, and the Rows of Weapons design are emblematic of the Baghlani type.
ID: 1063


47 x 75 inches
118 x 190 cm
Classic and Vintage  Ten Tank War Rug Afghan Rug
Classic and Vintage Ten Tank War Rug
This blue and orange ten tank (it actually has 12 tanks) war rug has an orangey hue to it, especially in the field. The border consists of five thinner borders alternating between brown wave-shapes and chains of brown and orange flowers.
Similar to this rug but more standard quality.
ID: 1136


46 x 81 inches
117 x 206 cm
Baluchi Runner War Rug (Pair 2/2) Afghan Rug
Baluchi Runner War Rug (Pair 2/2)
This rug is one of a pair of rugs which match in design and proportions. Both arrived at one time around 2003. Rug #1310 and
Rug #1061

The better photos, taken in 2016, are at the bottom. This earthy rug features rows of helicopters, tanks, and branches of flowers. The border is made up of rows of flowers and connected geometric shapes. Branches with flowers line the outside of the field.
ID: 1311


38 x 105 inches
96 x 267 cm
Giant Iraq War Rug Afghan Rug
Giant Iraq War Rug
Iraq map showing American weapons and neighboring countries. Border from earlier designs. The attack helicopters and humvee are remarkably well drawn in these rugs. These are the first Afghan war rugs not representing Afghanistan. The vocabulary is constant but the subject has changed. These rugs demonstrate the degree to which war rugs have become an established vernacular in Afghan art.
ID: 1361


50 x 96 inches
127 x 244 cm
Rows of Small Weapons White Grenade War Rug Afghan Rug
Rows of Small Weapons White Grenade War Rug
The latest and best photos are at the bottom.
This is a very textural rug. There is little negative space, rows of tanks, grenades, rifles, and small animals fill most of the space all the way up to the thin zig-zag border.
The bright white used in the grenades and rifles makes them pop from the otherwise dark colors of the rug. About 1/6 of the way up the rug, the background shifts from blue to a very dark navy, almost black.
ID: 1398


42 x 72 inches
107 x 183 cm
Washed Pixelated Weapons War Rug  Afghan Rug
Washed Pixelated Weapons War Rug
The figures and motifs are pixelated and stylized. The different rows of weapons are separated by jagged lines. The border is made up of alternating tanks, rifles, and helicopters. The flowery guard stripe on the left side of the rug appears to be stretched compared to the stripe on the right.

This earthy rug appears to have been washed in a special dark wash.
ID: 1623


46 x 81 inches
117 x 206 cm
Thick Pile Bomber - Helicopter - Tank War Rug Afghan Rug
Thick Pile Bomber - Helicopter - Tank War Rug
This rich blue rug features gold and green bombers and tanks-- the bombers are flying 'down' the rug. Flowers and small plant-like shapes fill the negative space. Bombers also compose the border of the rug, all facing downwards.
ID: 2021


39 x 79 inches
99 x 201 cm
War Rug with Russian Soldiers<br><br>Price on request Afghan Rug
War Rug with Russian Soldiers

Price on request

A pair with rug 1656.
Excellent rug, Russian figures are present throughout the rug alongside tanks, jets, helicopters, and weapons in the field as well as the border. Bright saturated colors on a dark rich blue field, the guard stripes are made of interlocking geometric brown, green, and red shapes separated from the main borders by white 'sawtooth' patterns. The kilim has an interesting blue pattern.
ID: 2117


48 x 96 inches
123 x 245 cm