Where did the American symbols and images of American materiel found in today's war rugs come from?

Warrug.com has recently collaborated with U.S. Army Sergeant Major Herbert A. Friedman (retired) (Bio), an expert on military psychological operations to track down the sources of these images. Thanks to Mr. Friedman's extensive collection of aerial propaganda leaflets distributed to the Afghans, we can clearly see that these new war rug images were copied, to a large extent, from American propaganda materials, shown below.

This is the first time the sources of these images in war rugs have been revealed. These leaflets are extremely rare and only seen on those occasions when a soldier returns from deployment in Afghanistan and brings one back from the battle zone. The reader is invited to peruse the photos below and discover the striking similarities between the military images and those on the war rugs.

Sergeant Major Herbert A. Friedman's Biography

Sergeant Major Herbert A. Friedman (Ret.) is a member of both the Psychological Operations Veterans Association (POVA) and the Psychological Operations Association (POA). He has been the PSYOP history editor of the POA newsletter Perspectives since 1990. He is the American Secretary of the Psywar Society. He has written over 100 articles on the subject of PSYOP, has been the expert source in close to a dozen published books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. He has been interviewed on Japanese television, ITN, and on the American news show "Extra." He has appeared on the BBC and the CBC. He worked with the authors of articles in both the "N.Y. Times" and "USA Today," and the director of the History Channel "Sworn to Secrecy" documentary on psychological operations. He is currently collaborating with Channel Four in the UK for a program on psychological operations and their effect on current policy.