War Rug Classics: The Red Rug!

These are like "Bokara" rugs in terms of color, origin and structure, but their designs are contemporary.

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Afghan - Soviet - US - Weapon Inventory War Rug Afghan Rug
Afghan - Soviet - US - Weapon Inventory War Rug
ID: 1669


46 x 72 inches
117 x 183 cm
Red War rug with Starbursts Afghan Rug
Red War rug with Starbursts
This rug is in new condition. It has been in a series of rug dealers wharehouses since it was woven in the 1990's. Production of Red Rugs stopped in 2003 after Afghan refugee weavers returned to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban.
The Kalashnikovs in this rug are well drawn and very accurate. The patterning arond the helicopters give a nice effect, as does the drawing on the tanks. The starburst flowers are a nice touch.
The harlequin pattern helicopters at the toep of the rug are very unusual. A small group of Red Rugs had this desing -only larger motifs- from the 1998-199.
ID: 1561


36 x 62 inches
91 x 157 cm
Red Rug with Bullet Border Afghan Rug
Red Rug with Bullet Border
Excellent new condition. Like the other Red Rugs currently available on WarRug.com these rugs have been in a dealer's warehouse since they were woven in 1990's.
The green and red combination in this rug makes it unique and outstanding. Also the small patterns within the different images tie the whole rug together. Also the small tanks are one of the best images in all red rugs.
ID: 1559


38 x 61 inches
96 x 155 cm
Red Rug with Najibullah Structure Afghan Rug
Red Rug with Najibullah Structure
This is the mate for rug 1522. Both are woven at the same time and place with same wool and same structure.
ID: 1520


39 x 56 inches
99 x 142 cm
AK-74 and Rocket Launchers
 Afghan Rug
AK-74 and Rocket Launchers
This is a second generation AK74 Red Rug. The first ones were woven in the mid 1990's and they were a small sub-group of the red rugs.
ID: 1518


40 x 58 inches
101 x 148 cm
Red Tora Bora with Tanks Afghan Rug
Red Tora Bora with Tanks
The wool is better in these second generation Large Tora Bora rugs. The initial group laid flat, but the wool was lesser quality. This wool is fluffier and stands up better. Along with the pattern, there are speckled green mountains.
Text says 'Afghanistan' in tan on red at the top.
ID: 1517


39 x 58 inches
99 x 148 cm