War Rug Classics: The Red Rug!

These are like "Bokara" rugs in terms of color, origin and structure, but their designs are contemporary.

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Red Rug with Magenta Accents
This Red War Rug is warm and vibrant. The Kalashnikovs and tanks depicted have pops of a bright fuchsia. Overall, the colors are quite contradictory to the imagery. A single row of rainbow bullets line the edges. The reason for the numbers is not totally understood but are believed to be an arbitrary list of what the Pakistani women hypothesized to be on the sides of Russian tanks.
24 x 36 inches
61 cm x 92 cm
$ 625
SALE $515

AK-74 and Rocket Launchers
This is a second generation AK74 Red Rug. The first ones were woven in the mid 1990's and they were a small sub-group of the red rugs.
40 x 58 inches
101 cm x 148 cm
$ 1950
SALE $1608

Red Tora Bora with Tanks
The wool is better in these second generation Large Tora Bora rugs. The initial group laid flat, but the wool was lesser quality. This wool is fluffier and stands up better. Along with the pattern, there are speckled green mountains.
Text says 'Afghanistan' in tan on red at the top.
39 x 58 inches
99 cm x 148 cm
$ 1750
SALE $1443