Subtle Weapons War Rugs

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Two Vases with Airplanes  Afghan Rug
Two Vases with Airplanes
Carpet is in new condition. Purchased in 2003
ID: 1642


35 x 51 inches
89 x 129 cm
Blue Herati Rug with Persian Lions Afghan Rug
Blue Herati Rug with Persian Lions
This classic Herati design features a large blue polygonal Lozenge filled with the classic 'fish like' diagonal patterns. The spandrels contain small persian lion figures alongside tanks, rifles, and small medallions.
The center of the rug features a plus-shaped medallion containing a large stylized jet and a mounted gun with two smaller rifles and medallions.
The border on this rug is interesting.
Section of wear in the upper right corner of the 'plus sign' in the center where the foundation has been exposed and painted blue.
ID: 1624


44 x 91 inches
112 x 231 cm
Yellow Highlights Ten Tank Rug Afghan Rug
Yellow Highlights Ten Tank Rug
Though one would think the dark blue used throughout the rug would make it an overall very drab piece, the use of bright threading throughout actually gives this piece a nice sense of liveliness. The 8 pointed stars on the border, flanked by the 8 pointed pink starbursts and the light brown chevrons also give the piece a beautiful sense of motion in an otherwise static piece
ID: 1541


35 x 54 inches
89 x 137 cm
Good Quality Large Size Blue Ten Tank Rug Afghan Rug
Good Quality Large Size Blue Ten Tank Rug
This is a classic version of this design. Years ago, most of these rugs were brown on brown; but the blue and brown work better together. The blue and brown compliment each other well within a limited value range (range of light and dark) The color palette is limited and very subtle. The five borders are typical of this type.
ID: 1529


47 x 78 inches
119 x 198 cm
Buff Field Flower Medallion Helicopter War Rug Afghan Rug
Buff Field Flower Medallion Helicopter War Rug
This rug is subtle and fascinating. The colors are understated while the pattern keeps your eyes moving across the entire piece. The border is classic and solid, yet the center imagery is a bit more unusual and frenetic. The simple helicopters are common to this style of rug. What is unusual are the little planes sprinkled between the choppers and mandala-like floral designs. The rugs shape is imperfect, with one end wider than the other.
ID: 1525


46 x 85 inches
117 x 216 cm
Excellent Quality Green Border Ewer War Rug Afghan Rug
Excellent Quality Green Border Ewer War Rug
Strong design. Note the superb luster of this rugs wool. Design alternates between rows of two tanks with text inside and three large ewers. Throughout the negative space sit grenades and small flowers, and the whole field is surrounded by an open guard stripe of linked flowers and leaves.
The border consists of tanks, rifles, and helicopters on a green background. The mustard yellow and bright orange accents pop off of the olive green and navy blues.
ID: 1066


42 x 80 inches
107 x 203 cm
Stylized Helicopters War Rug Afghan Rug
Stylized Helicopters War Rug
New condition. The first of these rugs was woven in the 1980's. This is a very good condition example. The colors are simple and complimentary. The design is subtle but unmistakable.
ID: 954


34 x 58 inches
85 x 148 cm
Very Early Green Bus War Rug Afghan Rug
Very Early Green Bus War Rug
This colorful rug features bright greens , blues, and reds on a light tan background. The colors in the motifs really pop from the field. In the center of the rug sits what looks to be a bus or trolley surrounded by tanks, helicopters, jets, and rifles. An assortment of flowers in different sizes and colors are sprinkled throughout the rest of the field.
ID: 877


36 x 42 inches
91 x 106 cm
color flowers  war rug Afghan Rug
color flowers war rug
The three large medallions running down the center of this rug are typical of this style of rug. Brown fighter jets run down the sides of the medallions (the jets on the bottom have been compressed) between squares of color.
The border is composed of large multicolored floral medallions separated from the field by a brown wave pattern.
ID: 468


43 x 75 inches
109 x 190 cm