Red War Rugs

"...they offer images of 21st-century realities, including our own, ABSOLUTELY worth pondering" - New York Times

(-: Happy Customers :-)

"When I opened the package..., I literally began shrieking with delight. I carefully unrolled and examined each of them. I was completely thrilled and must have said, "Oh my God!" at least five hundred times. " -B.B.

"Thank you for the rugs which I received and still enjoy. " -VW

"I love love my rugs. Even though love and war are not supposed to go together. " -N.S.

"Thanks. It's an amazing rug!" -M.M.

"We are very happy with the rug....we are hoping to purchase an additional piece here and there." -G.A.

"got it and I like it." -P.C.

"We love our war rug!!!! My parents think it is incredible." - P.W.

"He LOVES it and I do too--though for different reasons. He loves all of the weapons, helicopters, etc., the symbolism and that there is such a thing as an Afghan war rug. I love the colors, the symbolism, the quality of the workmanship and the fiber. ... After seeing this rug in person, I am sure that both of us will have trouble looking at anything of lesser quality. " -T.R.

"Your rugs are magnificent!"

"If I were rich, I would buy all the rugs!"

"when you own a war rug, you are in possession of a piece of world history that is uniquely yours. If I had the room, I would hang the rugs on my walls because they are true works of art!

(Give) my full support for your company which not only provides the handmade war rugs-- but also comes with a rare bonus-- real handmade truth!!!!

I would like to get another rug

I have many items in this museum I call home, but none has more meaning or affects me more than the War rug.. I soo wish that I had this beautiful piece of art after 9/ would have helped guide me in my Kindergaten class -- (which included one beautiful 5 yr. old Afganistani child, and several children with family or friends who were hurt , killed or affected by this very sorrowful event) )-- so that the children could have expressed 'picture-in-their-minds and hearts feelings'..

At least you can see what really happened in the Afghani war. expression of their deepest inner Feelings ' Truth Rug'......unadulterated...pure.