What are war rugs?

War rugs are traditional Persian or Oriental rugs featuring martial images, such as helicopters, tanks, guns, etc. They come from, primarily, Afghanistan and were first woven around 1980.

Does warrug.com have a store?

No. Previously we sold war rugs at flea markets throughout New York City and at our warehouse in Long Island City. Now we only sell through the internet here on warrug.com.

How can I make a purchase from warrug.com?

Please call us at 800-781-0153. International customers please contact us for a direct dial number or our Skype handle.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal and wire transfer.

Do you ship to Europe?

Yes, we ship worldwide.
Rugs are shipped to Europe via US Mail. The maximum insurance offered is $600 USD. Any value over $600 will not be covered by insurance, but we have never had any losses shipping to Europe
Click here to see sample shipping prices to Europe.
Please be aware that EU VAT is substantial, so please check this before ordering.

What makes warrug.com's rugs special?

The rugs offered here are of exceptional quality and we stand behind every rug we sell. We have selected the rugs offered here from hundreds of war rugs, and we only offer the best. Because we are the leader in war rugs we have right of first refusal of all war rugs. So we see and pass on rugs before the rugs are offered to our competitors.

How does warrug.com select the rugs it sells here?

We have first choice of war rugs around the world from which we select the rugs offered here. We insist on the best quality as well as interesting designs, artistic drawing and good colors and wool.

Which rugs on your site are for sale?

Warrug.com was built as a relation index of war rugs for collectors and enthusiasts, so all the rugs we have had are indexed throughout the site. This can lead to confusion as to which rugs are currently available. Rugs accessed from our home page in any of our five Collections are for sale. Rugs without prices in the description table are generally, no longer available.

Yellow Rugs,

Obvious Weapons Rugs,

Rugs with Subtle Weapons,

Pictorial War Carpets,

Red War Rugs

What forms of payment does warrug.com accept?

We accept PayPal, Wester Union, personal checks through the mail, and bank wires. International customers have had best success with Western Union.

What if I get it home and it does not fit?

Our customer's satisfaction is our primary objective. We stand behind every rug we sell, so we offer a 30 day approval period. Refunds are offered for returns authorized within the first seven days of having your rug, and exchanges are offered for returns authorized up to thirty days after receipt of rug.

How do I return a rug to warrug.com

If you are not happy or satisfied with your purchase from warrug.com, please call our customer service within the first thirty days for a return authorization number.

What is my war rug worth?

Please review or database and look for similar rugs, generally rugs of similar style, vintage, quality, and design will have similar values.

Does warrug.com make appraisals of war rugs?

Yes, but on a limited....... basis.

How much is shipping?

Rugs shipped anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, is free. International customers pleas contact us about specific rugs and destinations. If you are an international collector, and would like a price quote, please indicate the type and quantity of rugs you are interested in, as well as your location.

Do you ship to international destinations

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world.

How long does it take to receive my order?

In the continental USA, seven to ten days. International shipments vary, but orders leave our warehouse within five business days of your order.