Red Rug with Najibullah Structure

ID# 1520Date: 2000Price: 1750Size 39 x 56 inches
(99 X142 cm)
7 h X 7
Origin: PakistanStyle:Red Rugs, a war rug classic. Tribe: Turkman
This is the mate for rug 1522. Both are woven at the same time and place with same wool and same structure.
Wool: Good, above average Red Rug wool. Sheen: Good Handle: Strong and sturdy Selvedge: Two cord weft wrapped black and brown wool.
Fringe: 1.5 inch red wool kilim with one shoot of blue across middle. White cotton fringe closed with overhand knots. Pile: 3/16 deep wool pile. Warp: White cotton. Weft: Black and brown wool.
Warp Depression:60 degre warp impression. This gives the rug a heavier feel and stiffer handle.