AK-74 and Rocket Launchers

ID# 1518Date: 2000Price: 1950Size 40 x 58 inches
(101 X148 cm)
6 h X 6
Origin: PakistanStyle:Red Rugs, a war rug classic. Tribe: Turkman
This is a second generation AK74 Red Rug. The first ones were woven in the mid 1990's and they were a small sub-group of the red rugs.
Wool: Above average red rug wool. Sheen: Okay Handle: Floppy side of firm. Selvedge: One cord black wool overcast and purple weft wrap.
Fringe: Tea washed cotton kilm, overhand knots and fringe. Pile: 3/16 thick spun woolWarp: White cottonWeft: Double black and purple wool.
Warp Depression:45 degree corduroy texture