Vase rug with Armor Border
For an 1980s rug this war rug is in good condition. The field blue is oxidized at tips. Pile is still full and complete. Excellent madder red in body of vases. Border tan color appears undyed, as does darker browns, light tans and whites. The drawing

Vase War Rug with Green Cars in Bottom Corners
Of all the older war rugs we have offered recently, this is one of the nicest. This war rug is in perfect condition and it is nicely aged with very good sheen and beautiful oxidation of the color. The back has a burnished, shiny look, typical of older war rugs.
The particular olive green in many war rugs, including this one, appears more olive green at the tips and a brighter green closer to the knots.
The color palate of this war rug is very nice. None of the colors are too bright, and all the colors are muted: burnt umber, raw sienna, dusty rose is the brightest.
The pile is very even and consistent. The beautiful abrash appears more pronounced in the pictures than in real life.

3 Large Vase, 6 Small Vase with Small Tanks
I recently learned that a vase of flowers is a symbol of immortality. This is view offers a new perspective on this style of war rug.
The colors throughout this rug are low intensity hues and nicely matched. The harmonious color complements the harmonious design. The white border pattern effectively direct the eye into the field. The field motifs are nicely distributed. Motifs are diverse sizes which is an effective design technique. There are large vases, medium size V shapes and smaller vases, and a variety of small motifs including tanks with flags.
The field is dark Prussian blue, vases are a most unusual plum, and there is a smattering of olive green, raw sienna, rust, umber, and chocolate brown.
The pile is consistent and soft. The rug is evenly and well knotted.

3 Large and 6 small vases with bombers and rifles
This rug is in new condition, so its sheen and oxidation are minimal now. The pile is very even. The field color is very attractive dark navy to Prussian blue. Overall rug is above average quality

3 Vase with Animal Border Afghan War Rug
Also rug 56. I rate this rug as older because of the very nice abrash in the indigo field, the polished knots on the back and minimal tip fading. The pattern is a classic Herati Beluch pattern, and some of the finest non-war Baluch rugs I have seen feature this design. Border and guard stripes show good attention to detail. Animals along bottom inculcate the tradition of hunting rugs, which war rugs are a kin. The drawings of the lions and deer at the bottom are well drawn.