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American Weapon Red Rugs

Red Rug American Weapon 2
This is a new war rug in good condition. These rugs have only started to appear late this year and warrug.com is proud to introduce the public to these designs containing this sort of mixture of weaponry. The pieces of Soviet-era remnants right along side the American weapons is a sign of the traditional morphing into the contemporary. A true testament of the times as two worlds of drastically different development stages collide in this new war. Sure to be a collectors prize in the years to come as the soviet weapons are completely fazed out of this art form and the American weapons reign. You will definitely pass these new war rugs on for several generations.

Red Rug American Weapons Ghanzi Wool
The condition of this new war rug is excellent. It is made from the very best Ghazni Afghan wool and is superior to the wool found traditionally in tribal war rugs. Some of the other nice touches that sets this rug apart from the other war rugs is its use of M-16s instead of AK-47s and the fact that it contains added human figures. A real treat in war rugs of this format and design.

Red Rug American 1
The condition of this rug is new. The wool is traditionally of good quality and the weavers did definitely not disappoint.
This is one of the first of the red Turkmen rugs with American weapons in this format. The tank borders is really nicely done and the addition of Chinook helicopters makes this an extraordinary piece for collectors and non-collectors alike.

Heat to War
This is the first ""American"" war rug I have seen, although I am sure more are to come. I have seen rugs in the past few years that feature the American eagle, but the weapons are new.
As with the early war rugs, the drawing are realistic and naturalistic. The more mature patterns, like the ""10 tank"" style, the patterns are moving towards abstraction. Details are deleted for a general form. ""Heat to War"" though depicts weapons in detail. The F16 and Blackhawk helicopter are easily recognizable. Rockets are mounted on the F16 and Blackhawk. Also very unusual is the tank being shown in a three quarter perspective. The images are almost stretched horizontally.
Border design? Please make a suggestion.
Style is Turkman. Typical Turkmen red, and flat selvedge. Short pile and fully depressed warp.
Interesting and important rug. "HEAT TO WAR" is written along the top.