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Small Floral Medallion War Rugs

Dark Blue Floral Medallion with Weft Substitution Skirt Bands

The traditional end finishes, the drawing, and the traditional design suggest this is of the earliest war rugs.

This is an older rug in perfect condition. Check out the skirts and kilim ends. White floral medallions with bright colored centers are beautiful. The geometric design rendered by the white diagonal lines emanating from the three medallions is beautiful and rare.
Bright rich green stands out against the navy background. Marled minty and sky blue accents throughout. Small neon pink knot in areas.
This rug was acquired in 2003 by Warrug and first offered for sale in 2018
The best, and most recent, photos are at the bottom of the page.
This rug has been in Warrug's inventory for 20+ years.

Light Field Floral Medallion
This rug is woven by the same artist as this rug The wool and weave of both are very similar, but so is the use of color, border proportions, image scaling. The clincher is the main border designs. Both are great rugs, noteworthy for their color. Price reduced 1/29/2014.

Exceptionally Drawn Three Medallion War Rug
Strong triple floral medallion. Design is both soft and floral while maintain an overall geometry. The tertiary motif can also be seen in Diamond Herati Medallion Style rugs like rug #2003

Small Dense Medallion
2017 Batch I think.

Orange and Blue Small Floral Medallion War Rug
Five alternating sized orange floral medallions run down the length of this rug the two larger medallions contain red and green floral motifs in their center and radiate checkerboard patterns. Brown jets with green and red stripes surround the center. At the top of the rug the very beginning of another large medallion is visible but has been cut off.
The main border consists of 7 different smaller geometric and floral patterned guard stripes.

Small Olive Floral Medallion War Rug with Pink Accents
At first glance this rug appears to be duotone-- the mustard yellow designs contrast nicely against the navy blue background. However a little closer inspection reveals plenty of interesting accents of pink, blue, red, and green. The floral medallions running down the center intertwine through the field, interlacing with hidden jets, rifles, and helicopters.

Old Herati War Rug with Candy Cane Helicopters
1980s, best quality Herati war rug with subtle weapons and jumping deer.
This rug features a variety of beautiful colors and motifs. The jumping spotted deer with large blue ears are juxtaposed with the helicopters and jets shown elsewhere on the rug. Nine alternating medallions run down the center of the rug, the four larger medallions produce smaller plant-shaped medallions on either side. The negative space is filled with a variety of small birds, geometric shapes, and symbols.
The border is composed of a variety of small classic motifs, outlined in bright greens and oranges. The two secondary borders feature similar motifs.

Old Herati War Rug with Candy Cane Helicopters

Brown Medallion Afghan War Rug
These Herati medallion rugs are very nice. They use good wool, nice colors and are tightly woven.

Herati Medallion Afghan War Rug
Traditional Herati design with war elements. Unusual touch is the winged lions, which are traditionally seen in old hunting and warrior rugs. Jet fighters are nicely drawn and unusual style. 2 repairs. One 4x2 inches. We did not notice either from front.