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Chechen War Rugs

Chechen War Rug with Tanks with Flags
This Chechen rug features rows of jets, grenades, rifles, and helicopters rendered in bright red, yellow, blue, and green against an abrashed dark blue background. A row of rifles makes up the sides of the composition.
Some interestingly drawn tanks (perhaps in 3-point-perspective) with flags create the border.
The quality of the dye looks almost like vegetable dye, however the solidity of the red color in the border points to perhaps a synthetic (if possible) dye.

Caucasian Design, so called Chechen, Afghan Rug with War Motifs

This rug features really subtle war motifs hidden amongst the red, blue, and yellow geometric Turkish designs. Small four legged rug creatures hide around the large blue medallion in the center. Four smaller yellow medallions sit in each corner of the rug, with an array of geometric shapes filling out the red field. The borders are of a classic design.

Chechen Rows of Weapons Yellow Runner
This long yellow rug features rows of alternating tanks, helicopters, automatic rifles, handguns, RPGs, and grenades. A line of tanks runs around the rug on the red border. The closures on the ends of each rug are strangely machine sewn.

Long Chechen Rug with Rows of Weapons
This long rug has a luxurious soft feel due to its plush pile. Rows of tanks, helicopters (labeled 1015) handguns, grenades, rifles, and smaller weapons run down the length of the blue field. The border is made of only tanks driving up the rug on a naturally colored field.

Chechen Afghan War Rug with Tanks
This is a rare type of new afghan war rug. The trade name for this style of rug without war motifs is called Chechen, probably named after antique rugs of this style originating from the Caucus Mountains near modern Chechnya. Perhaps one in 200 of this style of rug feature war motifs, and they appear to be ""snuck"" into the design by Afghan weavers in Pakistan. This style is closely related to what is called ""Afghan Kazak"" rugs, also woven in Pakistan by Afghans but the ""Kazaks"" are hand spun wool, natural dye, short pile, and luster washed. The Chechens are Turkman in structure, not vegetal dye, and use mill spun wool (but woven by hand of course).
The colors in this Chechen Afghan war rug are particularly beautiful, especially for the type. The colors are rich tones and contrast each other nicely.
This is also a well knotted example of a Chechen rug with 110 knots per inch.
Please note that the large triangular shapes above and between the octagonal medallions in the corners are not war motifs. These motifs are part of the traditional pattern which these rugs are derived from.
The wool used in this rug is very nice quality and the secondary animal images are a nice touch.

Large Chechen Pakistani War Rug
This rug is somewhat irregular. The border is of uneven thickness. This type of rug is typified by dense knots, depressed warp, and wool foundation