Afghan war rug with subtle weapons

Buff Field Flower Medallion Helicopter War Rug

ID# 1525Date: 1990'sPrice: 1500Size 46 x 85 inches
(117 X216 cm)
7 h X 8
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:White Field with Stylized HelicoptersTribe: Baluchi
This rug is subtle and fascinating. The colors are understated while the pattern keeps your eyes moving across the entire piece. The border is classic and solid, yet the center imagery is a bit more unusual and frenetic. The simple helicopters are common to this style of rug. What is unusual are the little planes sprinkled between the choppers and mandala-like floral designs. The rugs shape is imperfect, with one end wider than the other.
Wool: The wool is soft and thick. Sheen: Worn but good Handle: Floppy Selvedge: Loosely wound goat hair
Fringe: 1/2 in tan wool fringe Pile: 1mm woolWarp: Brown woolWeft: Grey cotton
Warp Depression:Mostly minimal warp depression. Viewing the rug from the back, both nodes of the knots can be seen, so warps are all on same plane.