Tora Bora rug from 2002
This unique war rug is in new condition and has been in our warehouse for 4 years already

Karghai Tora Bora Rug
The condition ot this 2002 Tora Bora rug is perfect. This type is Karghai quality with 'Belgique' wool.

Small Tora Bora: Exhibited in Art Galleries in Michigan by Brenda Oelbaum
This rug remembering the Battle of Tora Bora depicts a silhouette of Afghanistan; the northern half of the country is red, the southern a deep blue, and the split between the two is a light tan. A large military helicopter occupies the north with the words "TORA BLLRA AFGHANISTAN", while two tanks and what looks like red spiders occupy the south.
The rest of the field is comprised of an RPG and a tank at the top of the rug, a large rifle and bullets to the right, and some jets, grenades and some text near the bottom.
Alternating tan and red diamond-shapes make up the border.

M-16 Tora Bora with RPG On Top
The condition of this new war rug is perfect. This is an excellent war rug with a nice sky blue color used over the mountains. Good overall composition. Very interesting bullet border.

M-16 Tora Bora War Rug with Five Grenades in Row on Top
Good M-16 rendering. One minor issue is spot to the left of Chinook helicopter in blue sky.