2004 Large Iraq Rug (Exhibition #26)
Iraq Rug Large, perfect new condition. Thick soft pile. Note misspelling in ""Welcome""

Large Iraq War Rug
Large size war rug. 5x8. Iraq map showing American weapons and neighboring countries. Border from earlier designs. The attack helicopters and humvee are remarkably well drawn in these rugs. These are the first Afghan war rugs not representing Afghanistan. The vocabulary is constant but the subject has changed. These rugs demonstrate the degree to which war rugs have become an established vernacular in Afghan art.

Small Size Iraq Rug, 2nd edition
Nice composition. The chobi color is warm and rich. Bold border - field relationship. Uzbek finishes, look at kilim ends. Small bleed under tank.
Rug #801 was the first rug of this group. Examples of the second group are this rug and #1359. A third group can be seen on our blog with this image
Top of the rug reads "WELLCOME UNITEDNATION in IRAQ" with the second 'L' in WELLCOME whited out on both the front and back.
Damage: Some stains and spots from its time at a show, 'Weavings of War: Fabrics of Memory' then to 'City Lore' where it lived in their office for years.
56 E. First Street
New York, NY 10003

First Ever Iraq War Rug
New rug in perfect condition. Excellent wool