Green Grenade Guard Stripe
New excellent condition. Tip fading to green from emerald to sage.

Three Tank War Rug
The wool and knotting of this rug is excellent. The pile is thick and dense, and the wool is very lusterous. It has some wear, and two well done repairs to what must have been cuts (see photos).
One unusual thing about this rug is the border is dark, not golden colored like most.

Turquoise Two Ewer Rug
The condition of this rug is very unusual. It is floppy beyond anything that warrug.com has ever seen. Each knot has a discreet tuft. Each knot's tuft forms a twisted clump of wool. The pink colors are uneven. The with zigzags of white on the tanks

Light Field and Border Two Ewer War Rug - Very Fine Quality
This great quality golden war rug features motifs of ewers on tables with rifles and tripod-mounted-rockets interspersed throughout. Tanks and helicopters make up the main border, and the common 's' shapes are sprinkled throughout the negative space along with small flower shapes. The top section of the rug's border has an orange hue.

Two Ewer War Rug with Retreating Tanks and Troop Carrying Helicopter Border
This new war rug is in good condition. This Beluchi war rug was woven with very curly hand-spun wool. The best quality about this war rug is the artists use of traditional Beluchi design juxtaposed with contemporary war images. The colors are typical of this tribe, and the borders in this war rug contain simple and clean designs. Centered in this rug is a tank, above and below it is a table and two ewers, commonly used in ritual cleansing. Along the outer border, the artist alternates tanks and helicopters. A glimpse into the world in which the artist currently lives.

Two Ewer with Big Tank and Taliban Rockets War Rug
Very good, not particularly well knotted, but good wool. Top border is incomplete , like the weaver ran out of room and cut the top of the motifs off, but did add the top minor border.

Brightly Colored Two Ewer Rug with Brightly Colored Tank and Helicopter Border
This new war rug is in perfect condition. This artists work is spectacular; the rug is excellently knotted, the wool used is extremely lustrous, and the colors are phenomenal. Even the fringe is gorgeous. This is one of the finest examples of contemporary Afghan folk art. It is full of traditional motifs and symbols passed down through generations. Motifs such as hearts and poppies, symbols such as the two ewers representing cleanliness and rituals. Had the artist lived in peaceful times, she may have stopped there. Instead, she filled her art with images from her daily life. With things we can not imagine seeing, things generations before her never could have laid eyes upon. Images of tanks, helicopters, and rifles. Even in this war torn nation, weavers before her would have only occasionally seen swordsmen ride through her nomadic village. Certainly, the daily barrage of tanks and rifles became part of her story, and now that the Taliban is silenced, her voice can be heard.

Two Ewer with Border of Helicopter (concentric ring tail) and Tanks (flags on both ends)
This new war rug is in perfect condition. This piece of Afghan folk art was woven by the same weaver who wove the war rug above, #882. Her skills as an artist are highly developed and sought after, and warrug.com searches for only the very best artists.
The wool used produced a wonderfully thick and dense pile. Some of the qualities of this war rug that set it apart is the use of a wool foundation and kilim ends. Also of note, she is one of the only artists we have seen who draws two flags on each end of the tanks.

Two Ewer War Rug with Light Blue Birds
This new war rug is in perfect condition. This war rug is brimming with traditional elements juxtaposed with contemporary images of the Afghans daily life. Sitting on top of what appears to be an almost 3d drawing of a table are ewers used in ritual cleansing. The 4 sets of ewer images is unusual. These rug typically feature two sets of ewers, one at the top and one at the bottom.
This rug features good drawing as well as a very nice palette of colors. It uses light colors as an attractive contrast to the dark palette.

7 Ewer, Blues and Golds, Mid 1990s
This two ewer war rug features multiple tables of ewers between which helicopters, tanks, flowers, star shaped medallions, and other small motifs are dispersed. Two four legged animals (sheep?) which red splotches sit in the center at the top and bottom of the rug. The bright red in the outlines of a lot of the motifs pops against the black field and contrasts well with the olive green. (soda)

Red Tanks War Rug
This fabulous war rug was woven in 1993. The colors are stunning, to say the least. The overall composition is lovely. One of the nicest things about this war rug is the artists use of an intriguing, rare pattern. Located in the border found just outside the very inner part of the rug is a pattern made up of grenades and poppies. The use of the grenades in this form makes the imagery almost hidden in plain site. Another example of the artists clever use of pattern can be found in the text. Usually, the Farsi text in these types of war rugs say -tank-, however, she took Farsi letters and instead wove them as part of the overall pattern. The same letters, which do not translate or spell anything, can be found throughout the rug, used in much of the same way that the birds and flowers are used. Another thing we would be remiss not to point out, and never before seen in this type of war rug, are the black rockets on either side of the tanks. There are two ewers found at the top and bottom of this war rug. These ewers are used in ritualistic cleansing before prayer. Please note the very interesting and stylized helicopters along the outside border which are only found in this two ewer style of war rugs. Needless to say, the artist of this war rug was extremely talented in not only design, but color use as well.

2 Ewer w/ small stain

Dark 2 Ewer w/ Car Style Helicopters
This war rug is thick pile and of excellent design. It is a hybrid of the ""Two Ewer"" style with light borders and the ""Car Style"" with helicopter tails filled in with concentric rings. This rug has rich dark colors where the lightest color is olive green.

Two Ewer Zakini.
""Given how long we have had this rug you would never know, but this is one of *the very nicest*"" says owner Kevin Sudeith.
The six white tanks with blue and maroon text form rows down the rug, while the table at the top and bottom with two golden ewers is spanned by the flowery motif sprouting from the vases on either table. Text is seen throughout the rug, below the tanks as well as in the tables and throughout the border.
The border is elaborate and features many war motifs including tanks, rifles, helicopters, and others. The colors in this rug are bright and rich.

2 Ewer 4 Tank Afghan War Rug
Good colors.

2 Ewer 2 Tank Afghan War Rug
Nice Design

2 ewer damaged Afghan War Rug
This rug has the benefits and foibles of age. The wool has good color and sheen, but there is low pile in the top right corner, and on the upper right tank. Also, there is a repair which is also a black spot on the rug. See photos. Not immediately apparent