Four E.T. War Rug
This is a very interesting older rug. The drawing of the figures and weapons is very idiosyncratic. This is an excellent example of Afghan folk art in its woven form. Rare prayer design. Please see photos for documentation of condition problems. The damage does not affect the overall beauty of this rug, but it is notable.
For exhibition at Miami University, museum hired amish sewers to tack on canvas loops through which dowels could be inserted to hang rugs on wall.
Moth Damage: Two quarter-sized areas of moth damage in upper right corner, a few dime-sized spots on the left edges. Very small spots along the bottom right edge.

4 Ducks and 2 Palaces Tower at Jam War Rug
This rug features a very detailed depiction of the Jam Minaret compared to others featuring the same scene. Ducks swim in the river behind the structure at the bottom of the field. Small residential areas and trees make up the center, while helicopters fly above and birds perch atop slender towers. The top of the rug features some text. Bright green and blue accents pop from the background.
Medallions run through the main border with guard strips consisting of multicolored 'x's.

Blue Flowers Tower at Jam Afghan War Rug
This rich rug depicts the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan. The structure sits in front of tall mountains made up of stipled reds, greens, and browns and sits on a green field. To the right of the structure sits a smaller brown structure with a view inside. Six brightly colored squares sit inside.
The colorful red, blue, and amber tufts along the fringe add a really unique accent to the rug.
Very good. Nice, unusual border.

Tower at Jam with Speckled Background War Rug
The condition of the war rug from around the time of the Soviet exodus from Afghanistan is excellent with some minor tip fading on the face of the rug.
The wool in this rug appears to be spun by hand.
The speckled background gives this rug pictorial depth. Also the border of this war rug is interesting, and the main border color appears to me dark undyed wool.
This war rug shows no wear which suggests it has been hung on a wall somewhere.