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Geometric Medallion War Rugs

Green and Red Three Medallion Rug
Low quality Zakini rug (potentially Taimani). Three white, green, brown, and red geometric medallions run down the center of the rug-- the top medallion is 'stretched'. Triangular flower-like motifs extend from either side of the medallions. Bottom medallion is the best of the three, medallions become more simple and less accurate as they move up the carpet.
The main border is made up of smaller medallions in orange and brown with two smaller geometric guard stripes.

Three Medallion with Tanks War Rug
Very good quality Zakini rug. Nice warp holes. Traditional palmette motifs surrounding the medallions. Intricately decorated tanks sit in the field alongside simplified helicopters. The thin border consists of small plant-shaped motifs and a guard stripe of flowers.

Two Geometric Medallions War Rug with Helicopter Border
Warrug.com has not had a ""Geometric Medallion"" style war rug for ten years. Example. This is still in new condition. There is still the fuzz on the back that shows rug has never been used on the floor. Besides the fact this style rug is remarkably rare, the most remarkable feature of this rug its helicopter border. This rug was not immediately recognized as a war rug because its border did not stand out. On second viewing it is quite remarkable. The arches drawn in the body of the helicopter are surprising. This is the only rug we have seen which uses this border.

Persian Style War Rug with Subtle Images
Simplified copy of an Iranian pattern signified by the shapes and outlines of the medallions in the center. The original style usually has spandrels, however this rug does not.
The bright turquoise has faded to a sky blue and white cloudy color, meshing well with the reds, oranges, tans, and navy blues of the rest of the rug.

Medallion with Embedded Weapons
The two large geometric medallions line the center of this colorful rug. Two tripod-mounted rockets with script point towards more script in the center, while tanks with guns raised flank them. This is a very symmetrical and pattern-centric rug. The classic flowery border around the outside of the rug flanks the design. There are a few small spots of moth damage in the border, most notably in the bottom left corner.

Red Baluchi War Rug with Grenades
This classic Zakini rug features two brightly colored large geometric medallions filled with small weapons and motifs on an unusual red background. The wool quality leads us to believe that this is a rug woven by a Zakini refugee in Pakistan. Several blue and orange grenades and small motifs fill out the rest of the field.
The border consists of four smaller guard stripes, two of flowers and two of a 'braided' rope texture.
The orange kilim and fringe in this rug is unique-- it actually continues through the rug to create the selvedge.

4 Solid medallions with small grenades
This rug is in perfect condition. The pile is evenly trimmed, and the rug lays flat. The border is even and the guard stripes are very nice. The pattern is particularly attractive. The variation of colors used in medallions is a nice touch. . There is a nice variety of densely placed field motifs. A light turquoise is used as an beautiful accent to the rest of the colors. This is an attractive rug as well as being well knotted. Rug is slightly wider on bottom than top.

3 Medallion w/ Taliban Rockets Afghan War Rug
Another beautiful traditional rug with slight war accents. The rockets are ""Taliban Rockets"" which denote a later rug from the civil war. Densely knotted. Very fine quality.