Lion in Corner Ali Kwaja
Excellent. Like new. No apparent use.

Horsemen with Swords Al Kouwaja Rug
This is an excellent rug, while not technically a war rug, it informs intimately war rugs of the Ali Kouwaja type. The figures on this rug are noteworthy, the Wizard of Oz-sequel winged figures, as well as the little Picachu type figures. The figuration in the field: horsemen, lions tackling deer, falcons, and other birds are beautifully arranged

Woman on Lion in Corner (Nigel Selection)
This red, gold, and blue large short pile rug contains interesting intricate designs of animals (lions, leopards, snakes, horses, camels, and other animals) and human figures interacting.
Some of the interactions include: figures riding horses, large snakes constricting leopards, ladies sitting with sheep/goats, hoofed animals being attacked by mean looking smaller animals, and various birds, camels, and four-legged animals standing alone.
Small images of helicopters and trucks are hidden throughout the composition. The border is made up of over a dozen smaller guard stripes and designs.

Small Dragon Ali Kwaja
This very fine red, blue, and yellow rug depicts scenes of an unknown mosque with a man holding two swords. Two serpentine dragons on either side of the man flick their tongues with branches of flowers between them. Tanks, helicopters, planes, and cars snake around the composition.

Dragon Ali Kwaja
Excellent, like new, appears never to have been used

Man on Elephant in Bottom corner
Writing at top in white elephants.

Al Khwaja Animal Rug
Excellent example of a small format Al Kwaja rug. Sudeiths premise is that these rugs are Beshir Turkmen woven in Al Kwaja.

Swordsman Riding Green Lion in Corner