Kabul Kazak - War Against Terror 2
Superb quality. Afghan Kazaks feature hand spun wool and vegetal dye. These War on Terror rugs are much finer than any Afghan Kazak regular rugs we have ever sold. The pile is also longer than any other Afghan Kazaks we have seen. These were some of the first post refugee production rugs woven after the Taliban was routed. Also noteworthy is that they are woven around Kabul.

(exhibited at Miami University Art Museum) NFS WRONG PHOTOS
Good, new condition. The wool in this rug is different from Soviet Exodus, and Tora Bora rugs. More like Uzbeki workshop rugs. Beautiful variety of colors- abrash in the light blue is great. Great depth.

Kabul Kazak - War Against Terrorism
The condition of this new war rug is perfect. It is made with the finest wool in all of Afghanistan, called Ghazni wool from the region from which it hails. The wool is entirely spun by hand. This war rug has excellent color and much thicker pile than most Kazak rugs which tend to have very short pile.
We at warrug.com are proud to introduce to our customers the very first of this type of war rug anyone here has ever seen. These rugs just arrived from weavers in Kabul, Afghanistan. The staff at warrug.com have begged our boss to let us keep one here in the office, to no avail. In fact, those in customer service have all agreed unanimously that this new type of war rug is our absolute favorite war rug EVER!
First of all, the wool and colors are simply luscious. This rug has the most unusual war images ever seen. Just look at the inclusion of an ATV and the amazing predator drone flying over the mountains of Afghanistan. This weaver was unbelievably talented with her drawings of the Blackhawk helicopter and accurate depiction of our tanks. The text on top reads - War against Terror - and the text along the bottom reads -Made in Kabul Afghanistan -. Other text located throughout this incredible Afghan war rug reads - FDNY - WTC - PENTAGON - NYPD - , just to name a few.
This war rug really brings a true contemporary twist into the world of traditional Afghan Kazak rugs, which were so popular in American homes during the end of the last century.

Kabul Kazak - War Against Terror 2
Perfect, new, Ghazni wool, spun by hand, excellent color, much thicker pile than most Kazak rugs which tend to be very short pile. Nice drawing of weapons, unusual variety of images. THESE ARE THE FIRST RUGS OF THIS TYPE WARRUG.COM HAS EVER SEEN. tank at bottom middle is good. text on top and bottom really great. predator drones, FDNY, NYPD.
The unity of the Afghans and the US is symbolized by the crossed AK-47 and the M-16 (both weapon types noted on stock).