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Banana Medallion War Rugs

Neon Pink Banana War Rug
This is a high quality rug with really great colors-- the neon yellow accents pop against the dark blue background. Named for the dark 'peeled banana' shapes running along the edge of the center lozenge. Intricate flowers, medallions,and small motifs of flowered vases and jets flow throughout the negative space to form elaborate patterns.
The border consists of 'cross' shapes which are squished on the top and bottom edges of the rug.

Two Figure Banana Rug
This is a special rug from the 1980s. My favorite pattern is coupled with old-style Baluchi figures in patterned clothes is fantastic. The rug shows even wear, but interestingly, colors have worn differently. For example, above the top figure's head are two helicopters and the filled blue is the lowest pile and the red (while tip faded) is remarkably longer pile. As I look at it now, it occurs to me that what I have called the ""Bananas"" when interspersed with triangles, look very similar to the mosque border designs in Mushwani rugs.

Banana with Grenades Only
This is a very good rug in a very unusual pattern. The very old Baluchi design centered in this rug is only used and seen in the very finest of rugs that come from western Afghanistan. This historical design features one very long six-sided medallion. But this rug incorporates more than this traditional symbol. It is a testimony of the times in which this artist lived. Subtly and hidden among the poppies and outside the lines of the featured medallion are several perfectly rendered small hand grenades. We can only speculate, as perhaps it was meant that although she has seen and experienced much more than most of us ever will, the strength of her inner core, her large medallion, will persevere in spite of the world around her changing. Much thought can be given as to what this artist was trying to say, and as with all art, interpretation is left to the one experiencing this beautiful rug.

(temporarily 779, but no more) Banana Afghan War Rug (aka 779)
Traditional Herati Belouch design. This rug is super quality. Tightly knotted. Remote control machine guns on tanks are excellently drawn. Superb example of traditional design with war accent.