Pineapple Mine War Rug
New production rug

Red Baluchi War Rug with Grenades
This classic Zakini rug features two brightly colored large geometric medallions filled with small weapons and motifs on an unusual red background. The wool quality leads us to believe that this is a rug woven by a Zakini refugee in Pakistan. Several blue and orange grenades and small motifs fill out the rest of the field.
The border consists of four smaller guard stripes, two of flowers and two of a 'braided' rope texture.
The orange kilim and fringe in this rug is unique-- it actually continues through the rug to create the selvedge.

Floral Medallion with Checkered colors Zakini Baluch War Rug with Two Helicopters
This older rug is in good condition. There are two caveats to this. First, the color of the face of the rug has changed. On the back the field color is deep blue, but on the front is has faded to a deep charcoal blue. Secondly, it has a repair that is roughly 3x4 inches. The repair is well done.
This is a rare pattern. The colors are very nice. It is desirable how the two helicopters are hidden in the design.
Nice rug

Speckled Blue and Tan Afghan War Rug
This rug features an unusual speckled blue and tan center. The X forms in the middle are vividly colored. The X uses 6 colors gradating between sage green and burnt sienna. The use of understated war motifs is very nice, as is the Herati border. The overall color scheme is good.