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Checkered Areas (two colored threads)

Pineapple Mine War Rug
New production rug

Floral Medallion with Checkered colors Zakini Baluch War Rug with Two Helicopters
This older rug is in good condition. There are two caveats to this. First, the color of the face of the rug has changed. On the back the field color is deep blue, but on the front is has faded to a deep charcoal blue. Secondly, it has a repair that is roughly 3x4 inches. The repair is well done.
This is a rare pattern. The colors are very nice. It is desirable how the two helicopters are hidden in the design.
Nice rug

Wheeled Helicopters War Rug

This rug was purchased by Warrug in the late 1990's. It has a nice, even pile. Its color palette is earthy, and the green has faded to olive. Pile has medium oxidation of color. The rug's age gives it an allover tip fading which attractively softens color. There is a quarter inch hole on the bottom border (see pictures). The main field motifs use a two color alternating knot coloration in a checkered pattern. A red knot has a green knot on either side and above and below. This technique softens overall coloration nicely. The field color is a very dark Prussian blue. The cream colored outlines unify the design.

Speckled Blue and Tan Afghan War Rug
This rug features an unusual speckled blue and tan center. The X forms in the middle are vividly colored. The X uses 6 colors gradating between sage green and burnt sienna. The use of understated war motifs is very nice, as is the Herati border. The overall color scheme is good.