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Flat Weaves

(Exhibited at Esso Gallery NYC) Beshir Turkmen Design Sumac with Weapons Border
This orange rug features large orange traditional medallions classic to this sort of carpet. If it weren't for the planes that made up the border, this rug would be a very traditional Beshir Turkmen rug.
Was shown at the Esso Gallery in New York.

Pictorial Sumac
This rug was featured in the "Weavings of War" traveling exhibition from 2005 - 2008.
It is unusual to have a pictorial rug woven in sumac. There is a specular street scene in the middle.

Turkmen Sumac (exhibited at Miami University Art Museum) Formerly 26.
This is a very unusual rug. There have been a couple of rugs related structurally to this rug, but those two rugs were pictorial.
The sumac weaving of this rug is very fine and made from very fine threads. Sumac looks like a chain stitch or crewel stitch. A weft loops around a warp then passes one warp over and one weft up, and repeat.
The wool is excellent quality with luscious sheen, and the "knotting" of the sumac is very fine. The design is really beautiful. The series of medallions with minor images in the negative space between medallions is beautiful.

Friendship Flat Weave (Exhibited at Miami University)
Unusual structure to this rug. Great design. God Speed to all our soldiers serving in Afghanistan.
This strange rug features heavily American propaganda inspired imagery a map of America and a map of Afghanistan are connected by a red, green, and blue bridge with a handshake depicted below and a potted plant depicted above. This motif is repeated four times down the center of the rug. Multiple layers of border compose the outside of the rug, the first main border consists of an Afghanistan flag in each corner with flowers between. The second border has a similar, smaller flowery motif, and the four red, white, and green guard stripes separate the two.
The structure of this rug is very notable. The back of the rug appears to be made up of weft substitutions and sumac, meaning the design on the front of the rug seems to be made up of knots.

Sumac with Plane Border War Rug
This one of two sumacs I found recently. Very unusual. I have never seen a rug like this before. The traditional field diamond motifs is lovely. The plane border gives movement and direction. Colors are great.
This rug has a couple of charming idiosyncrasies. First is the pattern modulation on one end. The second is a change in field color where the weaver must have run out of orange-red and shifted to a vermillion. The vermillion is used though out the rug as an accent.
This rug is estimated to be from the late eighties. There is a subtle fade to the colors on the top (see picture). Very minor wear.
Good quality and condition for vintage rug.