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Kul Mohammedi War Rugs

Kul Mohammadi War Rug (Kevin's own collection)
I have never seen a rug with this pattern include war motifs before.
The quality of this rug is outstanding and the attention to detail is superb. The wool is very fine quality, has excellent sheen, and is very dense. The pile is short, evenly clipped and very consistent.
I see Afghan rugs this pattern called Kul Mohammadi, but I have never seen one this quality or with war motifs. This rug features Jeeps, helicopters, animals, and birds.
The prominent colors are rust, yellow ochre, and navy blue.
The attention to detail is particularly noticed in the selvedge. It is a seven cord with a diamond pattern. Very unusual, very beautiful, very nice.

This rug comes with a caveat for sale. The caveat is that it is available for exhibition.