Green Tanks Brown Helis
The slightly darkened colors in this rug add a ton of dimension. Green, magenta, blue, and orange give this rug a lively vibe. The abrash in the greens, especially in the guard stripes, is interesting and adds depth.
Between the rows of tanks and helicopters are tons of smaller motifs including flowers, small plants, geometric shapes, and chevrons.

Tan Field Peacock and Car War Rug (Exhibition #26)
The color palate of this rug is beautiful and the dispersion of bright red leaves throughout field ads a brilliant sparkle to this design. This is the first rug of this design that we have received since 2000. the field in this rug is darker tan than most. The colors are harmonious with the tan, burgundy, maroon and dark blue haromoniously working together. Also the myriad of small designs scattered throughout field works well.

White Field War Rug (Exhibiton #26)
This is an very nice example of a contemporary rug. The contrasting pictorial masses of the different images makes nice drawing. The border of cars is one of the new border motifs developed since 2001. The most artistic touch of this rug are the red cannons and red line on the tanks and helicopters in the middle of the rug.

Light field Baluchi rugs are really rare, and light field war rugs are the most rare.

Tan War Rug
Good mid 1990s small Baluchi

(exhibited at Miami University Art Museum)Old Car Style Herat Rug
Classic fine, lustrous and translucent wool found in good car style war rugs. The border is a traditional Baluchi one from around Herat. The wool is gorgeously oxidized

Car Style War Rug with Civil War Era Rockets
Low pile in area, but not worn to knots, lost kilim ends, sarnach. Color is excellent, Super Duper rug = Rocks the hard jams. Good selvedge.

Large Car Style Afghan War Rug
Perfect. Rugs of this style typically are woven from very soft wool, fine in texture. Nice palette of colors. More pedestrian imagery. It is not all intensely warlike.