Motorcycle War Rug with Horsemen
This is a beautifully made and intricately designed rug. The imagery in this rug is detailed and well rendered– the horses, antelope, large cats, birds, and other figures are well proportioned and intricately drawn especially compared to other similar horsemen rugs. The figures are dramatically posed; horsemen sit on their horses holding rifles, while antelope are ambushed by big cats. The border is composed of weaving vines and brightly colored leaves with large birds perched. Small medallions are visible in the center of the side borders as well as in the top and bottom.
There is unfortunately some small moth damage at the top of the rug, as well as some dark staining from before this rug was aquired by warrug.com

Hunting Rug with Cars
The condition of this rug is excellent. It is the best quality of rugs from Herat. On a scale of one to 10 it is a 9.5. Rug is soft and supple with a felt like feel. The felt like feel is what we consider the best. Rug shows many colors throughout a broad range. There is some expected tip fading in the lightest of the four blue colors. This is typical for this color in these rugs. It has a nice oxidation shown in color and sheen. Thin border is common in hunting rugs, and the bands of pattern on top and bottom are very nice. There are tree of life motifs in corners of field. Imagery includes the eagle attacking a lamb motif.