War on Terror Rug (Exhibition #21) Sold to Miss Kathy Guild March 2012 Formerly sales status 21
Ghazni wool, undyed, spun by hand coupled with vegetable color. This rug's pile is much thicker than regular Afghan Kazak. (Regular Afghan Kazak are clipped very short). Nice drawing of weapons, unusual variety of images. tank at bottom middle is good. text on top and bottom really great. predator drones, FDNY, NYPD.
The unity of the Afghans and the US is symbolized by the crossed AK-47 and the M-16 (both weapon types noted on stock).

Kazak grenade Afghan War Rug
Perfect. First Kazak seen with war imagery. Classic contemporary Pakistani Kazak. Wool is New Zealand garment wool. Soft. Strong. These Kazak rugs are some of the best rugs in terms of quality materials and craftsmanship available in the current market.