War on Terror Rug (Exhibition #21) Sold to Miss Kathy Guild March 2012 Formerly sales status 21
Ghazni wool, undyed, spun by hand coupled with vegetable color. This rug's pile is much thicker than regular Afghan Kazak. (Regular Afghan Kazak are clipped very short). Nice drawing of weapons, unusual variety of images. tank at bottom middle is good. text on top and bottom really great. predator drones, FDNY, NYPD.
The unity of the Afghans and the US is symbolized by the crossed AK-47 and the M-16 (both weapon types noted on stock).

Afghan Kazak Afghan Map War Rug - War Against Terror
Afghan Kazaks were a commercial production made of Ghazni wool in Pakistan during the 1990's and early 2000's. The non war rugs featured well researched Caucasian designs knotted with symmetrical knots typical of Caucasian designs but atypical for Afghan of Pakistani rugs. We sold hundreds of non-war Afghan Kazaks, and only saw one war rug in the thousands from which we chose.
After the 2001 terrorist attacks and international intervention in Afghanistan, many weavers migrated back to Afghanistan from Pakistan bringing with them the designs and structures they wove in Pakistan. In 2002 a small group of these Afghan Kazak war rugs were woven in Kabul. An uncorroborated story said that General Tommy Franks was giving out this type of rug as official gifts. Warrug.com bought five pieces from a New York supplier of Afghan Kazaks who found one bale of these war rugs in a container of non-war rug Afghan Kazaks.
This rug has fine knotting, beautiful wool, and lustrous wash which is optimal because it is a historically important rugs since it documents a particular moment of time early in the "War Against Terror". The rug states in English, "Afghans Liberated from Terrorists", "Long Live US Soldiers", "FDNY", and "NYPD". The rug also features an AK47 crossed with an M16 showing the unity of the Afghans and the Americans against the terrorists.
The design featuring a map of Afghanistan with war imagery inside the map. These rugs are the first, in our experience, to feature any kind of drone. A predator drone is depicted inside northern Afghanistan with the word "spyplane" written underneath. The four wheeler is also a rare image in a war rug.

Kazak grenade Afghan War Rug
Perfect. First Kazak seen with war imagery. Classic contemporary Pakistani Kazak. Wool is New Zealand garment wool. Soft. Strong. These Kazak rugs are some of the best rugs in terms of quality materials and craftsmanship available in the current market.