Blue rug with tanks and Russian Soldiers
A pair with rug 1656.
Excellent rug, Russian figures are present throughout the rug alongside tanks, jets, helicopters, and weapons in the field as well as the border. Bright saturated colors on a dark rich blue field, the guard stripes are made of interlocking geometric brown, green, and red shapes separated from the main borders by white 'sawtooth' patterns. The kilim has an interesting blue pattern.

Excellent Old Cart Style Rug
This earthy blue and green rug features a repeating pattern of tanks, grenades, and rifles. The earthy oranges, blues, pale yellows, greens, and browns give this rug a muted yet colorful look.
There are some small repairs and a small section on the bottom left side of the rug has been re-piled. This section still has some broken warps.

Pink and Green Rows of Weapons War Rug
Rows of helicopters, tanks, jets, small trucks and other weapons are depicted in bright fruity pinks greens and blues against a navy blue field.
The border consists of rows of snowflake shapes in only green- normally borders consist of alternating colors, however this border is monochrome.
Small section of shortened pile on the bottom section of the border and tiny seconds of moth damage.

Dark blue rug with subtle brown helicopter and car patter/trim
This is a contemporary Afghan war rug (2010) featuring an unusual design. Car borders have become increasingly common on a wide group of different patterns. This is one of the most interesting rugs to arrive with the last shipment. The light on dark composition works well, as does the blue and brown combination.

Red Outlines War Rug
This beautiful subtle rug features a deep blue border, and is complimented by a burnt orange color for the center. In addition, the repeating pattern of the border pairs excellently with the more nuanced beauty of the central shapes and characters.
Same weaver as #1573?

Red Background Boxy Tank
The deep blue base of this rug is intertwined with beautiful dark brown figures of planes and cars. However, the contrast provided by the bright pink threading is the real standout aspect of the rug. The vibrance of the pink gives life to all the images contained within its boundaries in a way that is incredible and adds greatly to the overall quality of this piece.
This rug is densely knotted with small singles and clipped long, so it has a dense, soft feeling.

2003 Rows of Weapons War Rug
This is a contemporary example of a war rug pattern dating to the mid 1980's. (example). The drawing is simplified and exagerated compared to earlier examples, but the overall effect of this rug is excellent. The tan images are outlined in red which pops from the blue background. Similarly, the maroon images are outline in tan making them pop from navy blue background. The navy color of this rug is particularly beautiful and an unusual specific shade of blue. Tan border functions well framing the field of war images. The border design is found in regular afghan Baluchi rugs from Herat and Farah provinces.

Beautiful Color Tank Rug
The best quality of this rug is it exceptional color. First of all, the variety of blues used in the field are all lovely and contrast beautifully in simple horizontal bands. Secondly the sage green outlined in orange pops beautifully from blue field. Border is traditional design from Herat / Farah region. The birds between the columns of tanks ads a more gentle and traditional accent image.

Overall condition excellent. Full pile, good sheen. This rug is above average for contemporary rug.

Three Big Tanks, Six Small Helicopters and Car Border
The strong design and bold colors employed in this rug make it a beautiful example of a contemporary war rug. The car border is a good indication of a rug woven since 2003. (The predominance of cars in patterns where they were not previously found could be caused by what Kevin Sudeith calls the ""feedback loop"". The ""feedback loop"" is where internet based discussions about war rugs in turn influence production of the newest war rugs. In this example, warrug.com has name a style of war rugs ""Car Style"". Car styel do include cars, but were more disntinctive for their exceptionally fine, lustrous, and translucent wool. The new rugs may emmulate the car motifs, but they fail to employ the distinctive wool of 1980's war rugs.)

Digression aside, this rug shows strong desing and good color. White outlines work well at getting tanks to pop, while brown helicopters push helicopters back in pictorial space.

Tanks and Helicopters with Column of Fighter Jets
Like rug 1478 this rug has structural qualities very similar to ""Ten Tank"" rugs, but the design and colors are new and innovative. The style of rendering and the specific drawings of tanks and helicopters is new since 2001. This rug was chosen from a pile of 20 similar rugs for its vivid color, beautiful blue, good knotting and high quality wool. This is a beautiful example of a contemporary Beluchi war rug.

Brightly Colored Rows of Tanks War Rug
Perfect new condition. Rug apparently never left a dealers piles. Still shows unkempt fringe from shearer's clippers.

Rows of Small Weapons White Grenade War Rug
This is a very busy and textural rug. There is little negative space, rows of tanks, grenades, rifles, and small animals fill most of the space all the way up to the thin zig-zag border.
The bright white used in the grenades and rifles makes them pop from the otherwise dark colors of the rug. About 1/6 of the way up the rug, the background shifts from blue to a very dark navy, almost black.

Signed, Dated 1991 Extremely Fine War Rug

Mint Green Flower War Rug
This rows-of-weapons rug features rows of tanks, jets, grenades, and other weapons typical of these rugs. What makes this rug unique, however, are the randomly placed bright accents. A short line of electric blue is visible in the top left, and striking greens are found in the windows of a tank in the bottom right. A speck of purple is in the bottom left. A unique pretty mint green flower in the inner-most guard stripe is visible in the bottom right corner of the rug.

Rows of Weapons with Tall Branches War Rug
This rows of weapons rug is very similar to both 1310 and 1311. The branches along the side of this rug are longer than the other two rugs.
Rows of helicopters and thick abstracted tanks create a complex geometric pattern through the rug. The main border consists of rows of small flowers.

Dual Columns of Tanks and Helicopters
Rows blue, teal, orange and red helicopters and tanks run down the rug with flowers, birds, and other small motifs between them. The border consists of red, blue, and yellow star shaped patterns against a cream-colored background with guard stripes made of multicolored polygons on black.

Rows of Weapons War Rug with Pink Accents
Tip fading mercerized cotton accents This rug features rows of weapons outlined with bright green and blue mercerized cotton accents. Bright tip faded pinks are present in the border and small sections of the field. Usually using cotton in a wool rug is a negative, however the bright colors of the cotton make it acceptable in this case.
An assortment of flowers and plus-shapes weave around the tip faded blue border.

Rows of Weapons War Rug with
Rows of bright green, red, and brown tanks, jets, and rifles run through this rug creating an interesting geometric pattern on a rich blue background. Super shiny and soft, the wool is very high quality.

Thin Border War Rug with Lions
This older pre-Taliban war rug is in excellent condition. This war rug was woven by a woman of Zakini Beluch descent. This sub-tribe is known mainly for their excellent weaving, clever design patterns, and use of the finest, high-quality wool. This is a wonderful example of a Zakini Beluch war rug.
The colors used throughout this rug are traditional and beautiful, with outstanding combinations. The wool used is the finest wool in all of Afghanistan and will only improve over time, ensuring enjoyment from generations to come. This war rug is rich with traditional Beluchi symbolism and motifs, and the center two rows of lions makes this rug truly stand out. This war rug is sure to please any collector of fine art.

Yellow Jets War Rug
A richly colored blue and gold rug featuring contrasting bright sage green and red accents. The rug sports two different greens, a lighter, almost neon green that has faded from a darker emerald color, and the darker forest green.
The primary motifs are made of nine tanks in three rows of three separated by three rows of helicopters and small trucks. A row of three fighter jets sits on each end of the rug. Red, gold, and green flowers, plants, and other symbols make up the tertiary motifs. The main composition is bordered by a string of brown and tan wave/zig-zag shapes, then bordered by an ornamental tree pattern derivative of those from Ancient Greece. The rug is pockmarked by sarnachs.

Very Early Green Bus War Rug
This colorful rug features bright greens , blues, and reds on a light tan background. The colors in the motifs really pop from the field. In the center of the rug sits what looks to be a bus or trolley surrounded by tanks, helicopters, jets, and rifles. An assortment of flowers in different sizes and colors are sprinkled throughout the rest of the field.

15 Tank War Rug
This rug features rows of 15 multicolored tanks with small rifles, and small plant motifs between them. The three tanks at the top of the rug are partially cut off and only show the bottoms of the tracks. There are some really nice colors in this rug including some bright greens, electric bues, and reds.
Similar diagonally shaped multicolored border design to this fine rug.

All Over Tanks
This war rug is extremely well knotted. The wool has a very good, soft feel to it with an even pile. There are several factors in this rug that any one of them alone would make this quite the collectors' item, but combined, really sets this war rug apart from the pack. The figures in the bottom left are of Afghan women in burkas, presenting an almost asexual human form. These silent testimonies of oppression along with the expertly drawn tanks are juxtaposed with the symbolic forms of the birds seen throughout this dynamic war rug.

Blue Turkoman helicopters tanks Afghan War Rug
Condition is very good. Beautiful blue field contrasted by fire engine red and grey. Turkoman border. Tightly knotted with thick singles.