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Latif Chel War Rugs

Contemporary Eight Lobed Traditional Medallion War Rug

Three Beluchi Medallion War Rug
This new war rug is in excellent condition. This is a classic example of folk art at its finest. For centuries, the Baluch have woven the same three medallion pattern seen in this rug. Inside the medallions are poppies. The traditions of the rich blue color, the multiple, alternating sized borders, and the medallions have been passed through time from generation to generation. This nomadic Baluchi weaver didn't stop there, however. She dated this rug by images she sees on a daily basis, and thereby changed a pattern used and seen for centuries. Throughout this war rug, there are images of helicopters and tanks. They are stylized and cleverly juxtaposed with the traditional elements of their rug weaving designs. An example of this unique way of juxtaposition can be observed with a traditional motif seen in rugs, a comb used in the weaving process, incorporated into the tail of the stylized helicopter. A guaranteed conversation starter, this war rug is perfect for a home or office.

Very Fine Baluchi Cloud-Medallion Rug
Incredibly high quality fine, dense rug. The wool quality is excellent and the drawings are intricate. Six gold medallions on the cream-colored field are surrounded by smaller medallions and detailed motifs of helicopters. The detailed 'main border' is made up of 12 thinner geometric sections.

color flowers war rug
The three large medallions running down the center of this rug are typical of this style of rug. Brown fighter jets run down the sides of the medallions (the jets on the bottom have been compressed) between squares of color.
The border is composed of large multicolored floral medallions separated from the field by a brown wave pattern.

Baluchi Medallion Rug with Grenades
New condition, unused

Bright Colored Beluch Medallion with Four Heavy Trucks.
This war rug is in new condition. It has a very bright color palate. It has an even blue field which is brighter than most Beluchi blue fields. He secondary and tertiary colors are brighter than usual as well. Some of these brighter colors are: pink, chartreuse, turquoise, and electric blue. These vibrant colors give this rug a lot of vitality. The peach colored guard stripes (small borders inside and outside main border.) provide a strong contrast for the blue field. Very artistically done.
There is a nice variety of small motifs like birds and animals throughout the field.
The war images consist of 4 vehicles, which look like either heavy military trucks or the highly decorated trucks you one sees in Afghanistan.
Please note in the pictures there is some slight puckering seen on the back of the rug.

White Field with Humvees
This extraordinary war rug is in very good condition with some minor bleeding throughout into the light field color, as seen in the photographs.
This war rug is a wonderful piece with beautiful wool, attractive colors with a very broad range, and a magnificent story design element. This rug is highly recommended by the staff at WARRUG.com because of its unique feature of Humvees. This is the first we have seen of a well-proportioned Humvee with a turret and is sure to be a delight to collectors and non-collectors alike.

White Medallion Afghan War Rug
This rug is the first of this style we have received. The type is typified by a light field, Beluchi 8 lobed medallions and subtle war motifs. This rug has suffered some damage not seen in the photos. The brown has run into some of the white field and about 4 inches of selvedge has been damaged, which can be easily repaired. Please contact us if you are interested.