Tyne River View, Newcastle Rug Sydney Bridge Rug?= Bosphorus Bridge
War Rug Width (decimal feet): 2.75
War Rug Length (decimal feet): 4.08
Knots per Inch - Horizontal: 7
Knots per Inch - Vertical: 11
Warp Depression: Slight depression
War Rug Sales Status:
Country of Origin (estimated): Afghanistan
War Rug Style: Tyne Bridge and Swing Bridge in Newcastle, England
War Rug Ethnic Origin: Baluchi
General Description: Straightforward depiction of lines of cars crossing the Bosphorus Bridge with buildings and landscaping in the background. Red, deep blue, green, light yellow, and orange make up the palette.
Orange, red, and blue flowers border the composition, which is then bordered by a blue and white Greek-inspired wave pattern on a red background. A white dotted line backed by a dark brown stripe borders the edge of the rug.

Description of wool: Low quality, coarse with some trimming errors.
Sheen of Wool: Dry and dull.
Handle: Floppy
Selvedge: Uneven and meandering, unevenly braided. Dark brown goat hair.
Fringe: Short fringe (1/2in) with one red and blue weft brocade followed by a short naturally colored wool knotted pile.
Pile Material: 3mm
Weft Material: 2S Light brown wool, knotted at the base.
Warp Material: Dark grey cotton thread.