Green King Afghan War Rug
War Rug Width (decimal feet): 3.00
War Rug Length (decimal feet): 5.00
Knots per Inch - Horizontal: 10
Knots per Inch - Vertical: 11
Warp Depression: 75 degree
War Rug Sales Status: Kept for Exhibition
Country of Origin (estimated): Pakistan
War Rug Style: Amman Ullah Khan War Rugs
War Rug Ethnic Origin: Baluchi
General Description: Perfect. Full pile. Densely knotted. Excellent Drawing of King. Strong gesture. Face looks like King Zahir Shah. Date is 1995.
Description of wool: Fine hairs. Strong. Soft.
Sheen of Wool: Nice luster. Not very bright, though.
Handle: Pliable and resilient.
Selvedge: Double cord, burgundy wool overcast.
Fringe: Half inch wool kilim, overhand knot and 2 inch fringe.
Pile Material: Wool.
Weft Material: Grey cotton.
Warp Material: Natural wool.