1988 Amman Ullah Khan Rug
1988 - dated at top right
War Rug Width (decimal feet): 3.01
War Rug Length (decimal feet): 4.92
Knots per Inch - Horizontal: 8
Knots per Inch - Vertical: 9
Warp Depression: Corduroy texture, so alternating warps are depressed about 45 degrees.
War Rug Sales Status:
Country of Origin (estimated): Afghanistan
War Rug Style: Amman Ullah Khan War Rugs
War Rug Ethnic Origin: Mushwani
General Description: Rich, brightly colored 1988 rug featuring Amman Ullah Kahn posing in a bright orange and navy blue uniform. Red and orange birds perched are on flowers on each of his shoulders and on the bottom left side of the rug. Two jets, a rifle, and two four-legged animals sit in the bottom right corner of the composition. A row of navy blue birds borders the top and bottom edges of the image. Red, orange, and white flowers on a maroon background, typical of Mushwani rugs, border the image, the outer guard stripe is made up of red, white, and orange flowers on a dark navy blue background. The three areas are separated by thin blue and red lines.

The overall condition is good, but there is minor moth damage in a few places:
Several small areas (smaller than a dime) of moth damage throughout the rug, quarter sized spot on the top right corner.
Description of wool: Soft, lays flat.
Sheen of Wool: Very good sheen
Handle: Floppy and flexible
Selvedge: Black goat-hair, minor damage where overcasting is missing in one inch section.
Fringe: Short, no braid. End finish removed, closed with single grey cotton thread.
Pile Material: 5mm
Weft Material: Short naturally colored wool, subtle blue coloring at base.
Warp Material: Double wefted grey cotton