Red War rug with Starbursts
War Rug Width (decimal feet): 3.00
War Rug Length (decimal feet): 5.16
Knots per Inch - Horizontal: 6
Knots per Inch - Vertical: 7
Warp Depression: Mild warp depression
War Rug Sales Status: 6 pcs in CAn?
Country of Origin (estimated): Pakistan
War Rug Style: Red Turkman with Kalashnikovs War Rugs
War Rug Ethnic Origin: Turkman
General Description: This rug is in new condition. It has been in a series of rug dealers wharehouses since it was woven in the 1990's. Production of Red Rugs stopped in 2003 after Afghan refugee weavers returned to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban.
The Kalashnikovs in this rug are well drawn and very accurate. The patterning arond the helicopters give a nice effect, as does the drawing on the tanks. The starburst flowers are a nice touch.
The harlequin pattern helicopters at the toep of the rug are very unusual. A small group of Red Rugs had this desing -only larger motifs- from the 1998-199.
Description of wool: Good wool. Recently I visited an artist and war rug collectors house who had red rugs throughout their house and studio. The Red Rugs in their collection had become more beautiful with time and wear. The wool had become richer and the colors deeper with time.
Sheen of Wool: Good
Handle: Strong, not to stiff but very sturdy
Selvedge: One thick cord black wool overcast
Fringe: One inch cotton kilim, overhand knots, short fring. White cotton has a "tea washed" look.
Pile Material: 4mm
Weft Material: White cotton
Warp Material: Black wool