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Afghan War Rugs sold by

Since 1999 these rugs are some sold by

Hand woven carpet from Afhanistan for sale

Red Ghazni 6

Exhibited at:
ID# 324Date: 2002-:-Size 36 x 60 inches
(91 X152 cm)
9 h X 9
Origin: PakistanStyle: -Ghazni Red Rugs with Map,
Other examples of this style
Tribe: Turkman
This new war rug is in excellent condition. This rug has some of the best quality wool seen in war rugs. It has been described by the staff at as super excellent wool. The wool is Ghazni, which is the best wool available in all of Afghanistan. It is completely spun by hand. This war rug is extremely well-knotted with fabulous use of color giving this rug gorgeous luster rarely seen in new rugs. Its color comes from all natural dyes and the quality of the pile is top notch, as is its wool foundation.
This is really an excellent example of this style of war rug. These rugs are about the Afghan uprising against the Soviet -Puppet Government in 1978-79.
Wool: Very nice Sheen: Excellent Handle: Floppy Selvedge: Red wool
Fringe: long grey wool Pile: 5mmWarp: woolWeft: Wool
Warp Depression:some
For sale: Afghan War Rug or Conflict Carpet

For sale: Afghan War Rug or Conflict Carpet

For sale: Afghan War Rug or Conflict Carpet