Graham Gower has put together a highly informative site. We recommend it very much!
Our favorite link is Nigel Lendon's blog. The president and staff of warrug.com read and contribute regularly. Rugs of War. We recommend it very highly
Turkotek discussion about interest, virtue and value, or lack thereof, of war rugs
An Unusual Afghan War Aksi Design by Charles Lewis, PhD
Woven Icons of War By Charles Lewis, Ph.D Oct.-DEC 1999 Lemar-Aftaab
Examination of a Mythical Afghan Rug By Charles Lewis, pH D. Lemar-Aftaab July - December 2000
Syndicated Chicago Trib article about war rugs by Pamela Sherrod (note: free login required)
Barry O'Connell

Afghan War Rugs: A Subgroup With Iranian Influence An Exhibition of a Variant Type by Ron O'Callaghan.

I do not fully agree with Ron's findings, but his work is interesting. The rugs I have seen, from Afghanistan, with asymmetrical knots, open right, are the new production of patterns originated in western Pakistan. The new rugs from around Sherbergan with yellow fields and maps of only Afghanistan have asymmetrical knots, open right. This pattern, until the recent repatriation of Afghans from the camps in Pakistan, was woven around Peshawar. I propose this knot was learned in the camps and returned to Afghanistan with the repatriated weavers.

stinger Missile:specs and pics
Rocket Propelled Grenade: pics
Good info on types, materials and structures. By JAMES M. Keshishian, A.S.A.
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