Red Rug with Magenta Accents

ID# 1579Date: Mid 1990's. These rugs were woven by Afghan refugees in camps in Pakistan. Production ran until 2001 when many weaving refugees returned to AfghanistanPrice: 625Size 24 x 36 inches
(61 X92 cm)
9 h X 8
Origin: PakistanStyle:Red Rugs, a war rug classic. Tribe: Turkman
This Red War Rug is warm and vibrant. The Kalashnikovs and tanks depicted have pops of a bright fuchsia. Overall, the colors are quite contradictory to the imagery. A single row of rainbow bullets line the edges. The reason for the numbers is not totally understood but are believed to be an arbitrary list of what the Pakistani women hypothesized to be on the sides of Russian tanks.
Wool: Very thick and dense Sheen: Good Handle: Strong and flexible Selvedge: Two cord maroon over cast.
Fringe: Half inch kilim, plainweave, with one inch cotton fringe. Pile: 1/2mmWarp: Sandy cottenWeft: Double wefted red cotton
Warp Depression:Mostly medium warp depression, with a knots two nodes offset by 45 degrees from flat.