Red rug with numbered pattern/bullet trim and colored tanks with airplanes throughout

ID# 1556Date: 1990sPrice: 0 SALE $0 Size: 3‘2” X 5‘6”
(96 X168 cm)
9 h X 8
Origin: PakistanStyle:Red Turkman with Kalashnikovs War RugsTribe: Turkman
This is a classic example of one group of Red war rugs. The spare field with only Armored Personnel Carriers all simply rendered is consistent with one small production. This rug has unusual abrash throughout the field.
The yellow wool is very unusual on the underside of the APCs just below the middle of the rug. The other pastel greens, pinks, and light blue are also unusual. One note, the two sections of purple "text" near the bottom are aniline dye. Analine dyes are mostly abandoned because they are fugitive. One sees this purple mostly in rural rugs from Afghanistan, and we haven't seen it in Red Rugs previously.

This rug is in new condition. Red Rugs were woven in Pakistan during the 1990s until the international community forced the Taliban out of Afghanistan in 2001. The weavers of these rugs were Afghan refugees who returned to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. The Red rugs currently available have been sitting in warehouses since they were woven in the 1990's so their condition is excellent and like new.
Wool: Very good Sheen: good Handle: Dense, durable and sturdy. Selvedge: One cord black wool overcast
Fringe: Tea washed white cotton kilim, overhand knots and short fringe Pile: 4mmWarp: White cottonWeft: Black wool, two shoots
Warp Depression:Very slight warp depression