Dark Parachutes Stinger Missile Rug

ID# 1531Date: 2013 DatedPrice: 0 SALE $0 Size: 3‘8” X 5‘11”
(112 X180 cm)
9 h X 8
Origin: PakistanStyle:Project Empowerment RugsTribe: Turkman
The wool in this rug is all high quality and spun by hand. The colors are all natural dyes. The design is one from 2003 when two examples were woven in full color. This rug is one of seven woven in this earth tone color palette.
These rugs are part of warrug.com's project empowerment. We have helped women in Pakistan set up independent weaving operations, and that is where this rug originates. We work closely with a small group of weavers. This rug came directly from the weavers so the condition is perfect.
The wool is thick, lush and dense. It is soft and susterous. The hand spun wool threads are thick guage so they don't yield the highest knots per inch. The knotting is very dense, as you can see in the photos of the back of the rug, where the design is perfectly clear on the back as on the front.
Wool: Excellent. Best quality wool which is spun by hand to maintain it's luster. Sheen: Excellent. Best of the best, particularly in a new rug. Handle: Sturdy, dense and thick. Selvedge: Two cord, flat, wool.
Fringe: White cotton. No kilim ends, Persian closure. Pile: 5mm deep.Warp: White cottonWeft: White cotton
Warp Depression:Mostly full warp depression