Hand woven political portrait rug

Washed Double Landscape with Towers War Rug

ID# 2064Date: 1980sPrice: 3000Size 38 x 71 inches
(96 X180 cm)
8 h X 14
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:Landscape Pictorial War RugsTribe: Baluchi
Important early landscape rug from a good collection, but a dealer who shall remain nameless, 'tea washed' it.

This rug features a landscape with two large gridded minarets, possibly the Minaret of Jam. Smaller buildings sit throughout the rug with tall towers while a road snakes down the center. At the top and bottom of the rug sit faded subtle areas with mountains packed with helicopters and planes.
Although this rug has been washed, the bright orange and red are still vibrant and the overall color scheme of the rug is really nice.
There is a small section of repair in the bottom left side of the fringe which isn't very well done craftsmanship wise.
Wool: Soft, short, washed Sheen: Very shiny Handle: Medium flop Selvedge: Tightly braided dark brown goat hair
Fringe: 6 inches, alternating bands of white, orange, and brown weft substitution patterns with strips of pile. Bright red stripe at end, overhand knot closure. Pile: 6mmWarp: Naturally colored fine woolWeft: Brown wool
Warp Depression:Slightly depressed
Pictorial hand woven rug