Afghan war rug with subtle weapons

Stylized Helicopters War Rug

ID# 954Date: 1980'sPrice: 950Size 34 x 58 inches
(85 X148 cm)
7 h X 7
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:White Field with Stylized HelicoptersTribe: Zakini
New condition. The first of these rugs was woven in the 1980's. This is a very good condition example. The colors are simple and complimentary. The design is subtle but unmistakable.
Wool: Good, dense, hand spun. Sheen: Very good Handle: Very sturdy example of the the floppy Baluchi rugs. Selvedge: Tightly and well wound shiny goat hair, braided.
Fringe: Blue-tan-blue kilim, braided closure on top and overhand knots at the bottom. Pile: 7mm good wool. Warp: 2S1Z, buff wool with shoots of dark grey. Weft: Grey cotton.
Warp Depression: