Afghan war rug with subtle weapons

Very Early Green Bus War Rug

ID# 877Date: Early 1980'sPrice: 2999Size 36 x 42 inches
(91 X106 cm)
9 h X 9
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:Rows of Weapons War RugsTribe: Baluchi
This colorful rug features bright greens , blues, and reds on a light tan background. The colors in the motifs really pop from the field. In the center of the rug sits what looks to be a bus or trolley surrounded by tanks, helicopters, jets, and rifles. An assortment of flowers in different sizes and colors are sprinkled throughout the rest of the field.
Wool: Soft, fine Sheen: Shiny Handle: Very floppy Selvedge: Mainly brown tightly braided goat hair with black wool replacement on the bottom left corner.
Fringe: Reduced kilim with white cotton persian closure Pile: 5 mmWarp: Naturally colored woolWeft: Light grey wool
Warp Depression:10 degrees to Full