Afghan war rug with subtle weapons

Two Vases with Airplanes

ID# 1642Date: Arrived in US 2003Price: 375Size 35 x 51 inches
(89 X129 cm)
7 h X 12
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:Anomaly War RugsTribe: Baluchi
Carpet is in new condition. Purchased in 2003
Wool: Thick and dense hand spun wool. Durable. Sheen: Good, Handle: Floppy, but with spring. Selvedge: Thick coarse goat hair.
Fringe: Natural wool kilim end. Wefts same color and texture as warps. Overhand knots, short frayed fringe. Pile: 8mmWarp: Very loosely spun natural wool. Two unplied cordsWeft: Blue wool
Warp Depression:Minimal to no warp depression