Afghan war rug with subtle weapons

Blue Herati Rug with Persian Lions

ID# 1624Date: Mid 1990s or before.Price: 2575Size 44 x 91 inches
(112 X231 cm)
8 h X 9
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:Diamond Herati (Lozenge Field with ""+"" Shaped Medallion""Tribe: Timuri
This classic Herati design features a large blue polygonal Lozenge filled with the classic 'fish like' diagonal patterns. The spandrels contain small persian lion figures alongside tanks, rifles, and small medallions.
The center of the rug features a plus-shaped medallion containing a large stylized jet and a mounted gun with two smaller rifles and medallions.
The border on this rug is interesting.
Section of wear in the upper right corner of the 'plus sign' in the center where the foundation has been exposed and painted blue.
Wool: Dense, short, soft Sheen: Shiny Handle: Floppy Selvedge: Two cord brown goat hair overcast
Fringe: No kilim, open ends (no closure) Pile: 4mmWarp: Naturally colored wool Weft: Light grey cotton
Warp Depression:Slight to no depression