Afghan war rug with subtle weapons

Dark blue rug with subtle brown helicopter and car patter/trim

ID# 1554Date: 2010sPrice: 395Size 35 x 54 inches
(89 X137 cm)
6 h X 6
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:Late Car Style (2010's and beyond)Tribe: Baluchi
This is a contemporary Afghan war rug (2010) featuring an unusual design. Car borders have become increasingly common on a wide group of different patterns. This is one of the most interesting rugs to arrive with the last shipment. The light on dark composition works well, as does the blue and brown combination.
Wool: Good wool. It is thick and soft singles of hand spun wool Sheen: Very good for new rug especially. Handle: Floppy with a touch of stiffness. Selvedge: Thick cord of densely braided goat hair.
Fringe: Short brown plain weave kilim with overhand knots and three inches of good quality natural wool Pile: 6mmWarp: Good quality natural wool. 2S unpliedWeft: Grey cotton
Warp Depression:Minimal warp depression