Afghan war rug with subtle weapons

Yellow Highlights Ten Tank Rug

ID# 1541Date: 2000'sPrice: 325Size 35 x 54 inches
(89 X137 cm)
8 h X 7
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:Ten Tank War RugsTribe: Baluchi
Though one would think the dark blue used throughout the rug would make it an overall very drab piece, the use of bright threading throughout actually gives this piece a nice sense of liveliness. The 8 pointed stars on the border, flanked by the 8 pointed pink starbursts and the light brown chevrons also give the piece a beautiful sense of motion in an otherwise static piece
Wool: Soft, long fiber, sturdy. Spun by hand. Sheen: Very good Handle: Good Selvedge: Thinly covered braided goat hair.
Fringe: Plain weave kilim ends, overhand knots, short fringe of mid tan warps Pile: 5mmWarp: 2S blond woolWeft: Grey cotton
Warp Depression:Left node slightly depressed in some areas but mostly flat.