Afghan war rug with subtle weapons

Good Quality Large Size Blue Ten Tank Rug

ID# 1529Date: Early 2000's version of older patternPrice: 775Size 47 x 78 inches
(119 X198 cm)
7 h X 9
Origin: AfghanistanStyle:Ten Tank War RugsTribe: Timuri
This is a classic version of this design. Years ago, most of these rugs were brown on brown; but the blue and brown work better together. The blue and brown compliment each other well within a limited value range (range of light and dark) The color palette is limited and very subtle. The five borders are typical of this type.
Wool: This rug's wool is thick, soft and dense Sheen: Good with a soft luster Handle: The thick pile makes it more sturdy than the most floppy Baluchi rugs. Selvedge: Well covered selvedge. Material is thick goat hair in the braided style typical of this region.
Fringe: No klim ends. Rug is closed with a two cord weft brocade, then short brown fringe. Pile: 7 - 8 mmWarp: Brown woolWeft: Grey cotton
Warp Depression:Alternating warps are depressed by about 45 degrees, so the back of the rug has a corduroy texture. Warps may lay flat (undepressed) or warps may be burried