#1656, Rows of Weapons War Rug with Figures
Date: Before 1995
Size 46 x 80 inches, ( 117 X203 cm), KPSI: 8 h X 9 v, Zakini

Part of a pair with rug 2117 Small tack marks in the top and bottom fringe.
Interesting figures standing on and beside the rows of tanks. Border is filled with various abstracted vehicles and weapons. Rocket propelled grenades are unusually drawn and detailed. Tripod-mounted rocket is also unusual.

WOOL: Fair, thick, LUSTER: Shiny, HANDLE: Slightly floppy , SELVEDGE: Very tightly braided dark brown goat hair with excellent coverage , FRINGE: Blue and naturally colored weft substitution with overhand knots , PILE: 7mm, WARP: Light brown , WEFT: Black cotton thread ,WARP DEPRESSION:Slightly depressed

Origin: Afghanistan