Pictorial War Carpets

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Traditional Designs Showing Martial Motifs in Historical Context
Afghan Rugs featuring Landscape and Figurative Designs
Hand woven portrait rug
Modern City Rug
2'11" x 4'10"
88 cm x 148 cm
Hand woven portrait rug
Spare Afghan Map Rug with Herati Border (Exhibition History)
The red field in this rug is uncommonly spare. This rug has one very rare feature. Two blue beads are sewn into the selvedges: on the left hand selvedge, about half way between top and bottom, and on the right selvedge about one foot from top. The border is very traditional and a type not often found on Afghan province map rugs. There are no war motifs in this rug.
2'8" x 4'0"
81 cm x 122 cm
Hand woven portrait rug
Clock Tower with Helicopters 2 War Rug
This rug, like its mate of similar weave and design, #1484 is the most interesting contemporary rug I have seen. While the helicopters are somewhat non discript, these rugs speak to the International Coalition's actions in western Afghanistan like no other rugs that we have seen.

This rug appears to be woven by the same artist as rug #1484. Besides the similarity of design, the similarity of material is exact. Rug appears new without any floor wear. Fuzz still on back of knots. There is one condition issue of note: a two inch cut that runs above first palm tree on left side, just above red line over palm tree. Four warps are exposed for two inches, but the warps are unbroken. The wefts are broken and two columns of green and yellow marled knots are missing where cut is. Two columns of 11 knots each are missing. (I will repair this or have it repaired and make note here)

2'9" x 4'10"
84 cm x 148 cm
Hand woven portrait rug
Vine Border Afghan Province Rug with Blue Field (Exhibition #26)
Afghan province map rug showing some roads. Dated clearly 1385 which is 2007 in western calendar.
2'9" x 4'5"
84 cm x 135 cm
Hand woven portrait rug
2008 Jam Minaret Rug
Condition is excellent, as one would expect form a new rug. The landscape drawing is strong in this rug. The 13th Century Ghurid minaret is beautifully depicted. The middle ground is red and tan marled wool. Signed “Tareeq 2008”
2'11" x 4'4"
89 cm x 132 cm